Writing/Publishing takes time

Writing takes timeYesterday was Chronic Fatigue Awareness Day. The next book in my Green Oaks Primary School series touches on this illness and I was hoping to have it ready to launch this week… but it isn’t ready. I was also hoping to launch another one in the series last year, but it didn’t happen.

One big lesson I have learned lately is that writing and publishing a book takes time, and often takes longer than we all expect it will.

This may be different for everyone, but it is true for me.

As much as I would love to be able to write and create every day, this is not always possible. As well as writing, I have a day job and two teenage boys with chronic medical conditions. There are days when I’m exhausted. If I have a clear run, I can usually write a chapter book in a few weeks, writing a chapter a day until the draft is done. Then there are times when life throws a huge curve ball and productivity slows to a stop. Stories that were making great progress get shelved, stories that are swimming in my head get forgotten, chapters just don’t get written as fast as they were previously.

Another thing I’ve found is that some stories take more editing than others. The editing process also takes time. Each draft that comes back from my editor has comments that need to be read through, considered, and changed. There are times when edits will prompt changes to the story, scenes may be added or cut to make the story stronger, and chapter added, cut or even cut in half to make two chapters! When I have edited the draft, I send it back to my editor and then wait while she edits the draft. This all takes time.

Whether or not you are self-publishing, the design of your book will also take time. There is cover design, layout, dedications, acknowledgements, and more that needs to be done to make the finished product. There will also be the process of sending your book to beta readers, and this may prompt more editing. If you are traditionally published, it takes time to submit and be accepted. All of this takes time.

Writing a book and having it ready for publication is not a fast process. There are times it feels like it’s moving at a snail’s pace. As both a reader waiting for new books by a favourite author and a writer, it’s often worth the wait. Having that latest book in your hands is a wonderful feeling.

It all takes time, but is worth it.

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  1. I also like this! Because EVERYTHING always takes SO MUCH TIME. Especially when it involves people and agencies and I find that really frustrating – but have to keep reminding my self that that’s okay.. because although it’s annoying when things take forever or are inefficient – it’s not inherently wrong! It’s not a sin to come home from the grocery shop 3 hours later instead of 1 haha.
    I’m intrigued to hear that you are writing about chronic fatigue in a children’s book.. because talking about issues like these and being open about them is something close to my heart!

    • I admit I haven’t gone to the supermarket for 3 hours… then again, if it’s accompanied with a trip to a cafe!
      My book that has a character with CFS was released last September. My younger son has it, and my older son has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and fibromyalgia. Unfortunately there aren’t books for young readers about these, so I’m writing them!

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