Fillers for Goodie Bags

Fillers for goodie bagsGoodie bags are often produced at events and are handed out to all the participants. They can be a wonderful opportunity to spread the word to potential readers.

The first thing to do is to identify the events that have goodie bags and potential readers. Look out for conferences, markets, fundraisers, open days, dinners, and so on. You can find out about them through associations, event organisers, networking events, and even keeping your eye out for opportunities on Facebook.

One thing to note that many event organisers will put together goodie bags as a way to raise money for the event, so there may be a fee to include your items in their bags. This fee would be part of your marketing budget and, if it is an event where potential readers will be, then it will be worth paying.

The next thing to do is to create your fillers. It may be tempting to include just a bookmark, postcard, or business card, however I would encourage you to create something a bit more memorable.

Use your business card, postcard, or bookmark as a base, and then attach something to it, or put it with a little something in an envelope or little bag. Whatever you include, have it relevant to your book, your writing, or the event. For example, if you have a book about the gold rush, include a gold chocolate coin with your bookmark.

Another example, I have the opportunity to put something in goodie bags for an event and all I had were some business cards. I have packaged them in a small bag with some foam stickers. My goal is they will stand out among other paper in the bags, and business cards are small and can easily get lost in a bag. Including something with my business card will also make it more like a little gift for the recipients.

If your budget stretches, you may want to get some promotional products made, such as pens with your name on them or a notebook, or something else.

There are so many goodie bags that are full of only paper, so doing something a bit different will decrease your chances of your items ending up in the bin without someone reading them!

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