Read your story

Read your storyThis is one marketing tip that may suit more picture books than other book formats, however for all of you who don’t write picture books, this could work for you too.

In general, a book reading would involve going to a book shop, library, or school to read your story to a group of kids. Often this is followed by a book signing. In order to book one, contact these venues and let them know you are available.

If you don’t write a picture book, there doesn’t seem to be as much demand for book readings, however there are opportunities for you to read your story to readers.

If you are reading a longer work, such as a chapter book or novel, read the first chapter or two to introduce it to potential readers and be ready with bookmarks or details of how readers can get a copy of your book so they can read the rest of your book.

You can read your story at:

  • Your book launch
  • Workshops and author appearances
  • YouTube clip
  • Book expo
  • Markets – some have the opportunity for performances, you may be able to get a reading in

I am filming myself reading the first chapter of Swallow Me, NOW! to put on my YouTube channel. At the end of the clip I plan to have a slide with details of where readers can purchase the book as well as having these details in the description.

Reading your story is a great way to introduce your book to readers as well as boost sales.

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