Create and send an Email Newsletter

Send a newsletterLast week, my tip was to create an email newsletter list. Once you have a list, you will need something to send to it.

When planning your newsletter, decide how often you will send it. Do you want to send it weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on a purely ad hoc basis?

Once you’ve decided the frequency, then look at what you are going to include in your newsletter. What you include will depend on the purpose of your newsletter. For most authors, the purpose will be to let your fans know about your books.

If you create a template with a standard format of news, it will make it easier for you to create and send as you can simply drop in new content each time. Some things you could include are:

  • Highlighted book
  • Information about new books
  • Invitation to book launches or events
  • Highlight any blog posts that may be of interest to your fans
  • Details of competitions you are running, including winners
  • Behind the scenes information
  • News about your writing, including any awards you have won

Depending on  your newsletter, you may want to include other news your readers may be interested in, such as book recommendations by other authors.

An email newsletter can be a powerful tool, however don’t send your newsletter too often as this can annoy readers who already have email newsletter overload, as well as creating more work for you and taking away from your own writing.

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