Create an eMail Newsletter List

Create an email newsletterOne easy thing we can all do for book marketing is to create an email newsletter list.

There are a lot of programs that exist to help you do this easily including Mailchimp and Aweber. You can also set up a Google form to capture people’s email, however you will need to find a way to send them all out, especially when your subscriber number rise (ISPs and email software doesn’t like it when you send too many emails at a time).

The easiest way to create a list is to put a subscribe box on your author website. This is somewhere visitors can add their name and email address to get updates from you. Above your subscribe box, give your subscribers an idea of how often you will send them emails.

If you sell books at markets or expos, put out a sign up sheet where visitors can sign up to your email newsletter. As an added incentive, put everyone’s name in a hat to win a prize (usually a copy of one of your books).

Another way to grow your email list is to run a competition on your website. As a condition of entry, everyone who signs up will be added to your email list.

When creating an email list, remember that you should never add someone to your list without their permission. Just because someone has bought a book from you, given you a business card, or emailed you a question does not mean they have given permission to be on your email list. This is not only good manners, but also the law. The spam act in Australia is an opt in system, which means you can’t send anyone your newsletter unless they have opted in to your list.

Once you have your list, then you will need something to send to it… more on this next week.

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