A weekend of writing #amwriting #campnanowrimo

Weekend of writing

Weekend of writing

I had to stop in here to share my wonderful weekend.

This past week, I have been battling a bad cold. I had no voice on Tuesday, which the kids thought was very funny, and it’s been slowly coming back. Being unwell basically mean I do the bare minimum I have to so I can get through the day. Which usually means that not much writing happens…

I have been keeping up with my Blog Your Book in 30 Days posts, mostly due to the fact I had scheduled some posts in advance. You can read my progress here, and can add your comments and questions to the post to help the final book be the best it can be.

This weekend, I sat down and have made progress on my Camp NaNoWriMo project. Over the last two days, I have written around 4000 words!!The story is about a quarter of the way done. There are parts that need a lot of work, and others I think “this is pretty good” when I read it back. After all, it is a first draft.

The house is covered with washing that needs putting away, dishes that need doing, beds that need to be made, and so many other household tasks, but I made the conscious decision to rest and write this weekend, everything else could wait (other than food shopping, I needed to do that or the kids wouldn’t have anything to eat for school lunch tomorrow!).

It’s been such a great weekend and I am feeling much more relaxed and calm than I have in a long time. I must remember this and do it much more often…

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend of writing too.

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