A new month, Three new challenges!

A new challenge

A new challenge

This year has been a funny year, for the last few months I’ve felt as if I’m in some sort of a fog. In short, I’ve been disorganised, the house is a mess, nothing much has been getting done. To be honest, I’m amazed I’ve achieved what I have!

I finally feel as though the fog is lifting… The ideas are starting to get down on paper (or in my computer) and things are happening!

For April, I have three challenges! Call me crazy, but here they are…

The first challenge is Blog Your Book in 30 Days. I had an idea a while ago for a book with some tips for authors on how to have content for their author website, and this challenge is a great one to get the words out of my head. I have an idea of the kind of book I want it to be, so this challenge is the right one to get it done. If you want to follow the posts for this challenge, click here. Two posts are already up and I have some scheduled for the next few days already!

The second challenge is Camp NaNoWriMo. I am doing this to finish one of the stories I started during the Chapter Book Challenge. My ultimate goal here is 20,000 words. I have a flying start as I have already written some chapters, but they are all over the place! By the end of the month, I aim to have all those bits in a single file and a completed story.

The third challenge is the publishing of my next book. I ran an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign for it, but I’m tweaking the campaign now so that it will be successful this time around. It has recently come back from beta readers and we have a new title, it’s also being worked on by some amazing illustrators, and of course Julieann from Lilly Pilly Publishing is at my site helping it be the best it can be. We are aiming for a May launch.

All of this while working and doing all the other stuff a mum has to do. April is going to be a busy month, but it will also be exciting.

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  1. I like the idea of Blogging my Book for 30 days but do I have to start at the beginning of the month? Is there a special month or can I start anytime 🙂

    • This particular challenge is held in April (if you haven’t started at the start of the month, you can always backdate posts 😉 ). If you’re not able to join in this challenge, you can do one at any time. If previous years are anything to go by, there are some great prizes up for grabs.

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