Review Copies of your book

Review copies of your bookThis is a marketing tip I did last year, and plan to do when my next book comes out (marketing has been a bit quiet this month while I’ve been working on my book for the Chapter Book Challenge).

With every book you publish, put aside a certain number of books that you can send to reviewers. These can be either print copies or ebook copies.

Sending review copies can help your book get reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, on blogs, and the print media, spreading the word about your book. Reviews are a great way for readers to discover new books.

If you are sending out print copies of your book, you may want to choose the recipients carefully. There are many blogs and publications who would be happy to receive books for review, so find the ones that are most likely to connect you with readers. You may also want to choose carefully for recipients of ebook copies of your book, however if you have a PDF you can send out, then the cost per book is not so great.

Remember that sending out a review copy of your book may not guarantee a review, some reviewers are inundated with books so won’t have the time to read and review them all. It may also take some time for a review to be published for the same reason. They also won’t guarantee a glowing review, however it is still worth sending out review copies of your book.

When looking at the number of copies you send out, you may want to look at a total number you have to offer, or look at a certain number each year, or a certain number of each book. There is no magic formula, it will depend on your budget and the places you want to be reviewed.

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