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Attend an eventOver the weekend, I attended a competition run by Speedcubing Australia as part of the Arnold Classic Australia. I’m not really into cubing, however my 14 year old is. Last year, he challenged me to write some stories that feature kids who are cubers (people into solving a Rubik’s Cube). I am working on this at the moment and the first of these books is due to be published in the next couple of months.

This event was great research for one of my Chapter Book Challenge stories, as well as being an enjoyable time with my son.

I was also able to talk to people!

There were 100 competitors at this event, many of them are in the age group for my books. When chatting, the question usually comes up: “What do you do?” I tell them that I’m a children’s author and then  we start talking about my books.

Attending events that have nothing to do with writing, but are related to your books, is a great way to spread the word and get some new readers. The key with these events is to not be pushy, just friendly and chat when the opportunity comes up, and be armed with business cards and bookmarks, and, if you can, a few copies of your book for any impulse purchases. Before selling books, make sure it’s OK, otherwise, book a trading table (a tip for another day).

At these events, you may also be able to make contact with people of influence in the area you write about. You may wish to have a couple of free copies of your book to pass on to them if the opportunity arises. Again, don’t be pushy. Be respectful and polite and thank them for their time talking with you about your book. If they are busy, take one of their business cards and send them a book after the event.

Even if you don’t meet anyone of influence, you can still have a great time, get some ideas for your books, and chat with interesting people.

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