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Submit to an AnthologyFor anyone who has followed this blog, you will know that I have stories in a number of anthologies. I haven’t been paid for any of these, though I am able to sell copies from my website after buying them at wholesale.

In general, anthologies will allow you to have a bio either with your story or in the back with all the other authors, and this includes the URL to your website.

As well as the bio, this is a way to share samples of your writing with a whole new audience as anthologies will be distributed to people you may not easily get in front of. With most of the authors involved promoting the anthologies through their networks, as well as the publishers promoting them, the books will reach a wide audience.

Another advantage of having stories in anthologies is it expands the list of books you have! On my author website, instead of listing the single book I’ve had published so far, there are quite a few more books as I list all the anthologies I have stories in.

If you are submitting stories to anthologies, be sure to read the submission guidelines and make sure your story complies, especially with word count and theme. Also look at the audience of the anthology to make sure your writing will fit.

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  1. Thanks Melissa, great idea. I have just found out a story of mine has been accepted in an anthology – I’m so happy ๐Ÿ™‚

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