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Radio InterviewsLast week, I responded to a call out from Vision Christian Radio. They were looking for some Australian Christian authors to interview. I responded and was interviewed last Wednesday! It was a lot of fun chatting with Matt and Richelle, and reading a section from my book Swallow Me, NOW!. You can listen to the podcast on their website here. (It’s in the tab that says “Afternoons with Matt Prater”)

While this interview may not have directly resulted in sales, I did see a spike in traffic along with some new likes on my author Facebook page. It was also a whole lot of fun!

Most radio stations are looking for people to interview, they have hours of radio to fill each day! If you’re interested in getting an interview, there are a number of ways you can go about securing an interview.

The first is to respond to a request, as I did here. In this instance, it was a post in a group on Facebook. There are also sites such as SourceBottle where journalists will post if they are looking for people to interview on various topics. Keep your eyes peeled and respond to any relevant requests. Be sure that what you have to offer is relevant to a request as journalists and radio presenters are often overwhelmed with responses.

The second is to send out a media release to programs you would like to be interviewed on. Find a unique angle or event to highlight. Once again, make sure your release is relevant to the show. For example, don’t send a media release regarding a book about wine appreciation to a gardening program! If you are a fan of the program, personalising your pitch can help, however there are still no guarantees. For example, if the presenters have been talking about first date disasters, and your book is a romance that talks about the results of a first date disaster, it would be a logical tie in to personalise your media release.

When you get the interview, have fun with it. The interview will either be on the phone or face to face. If it’s on the phone, make sure you have a clear phone line and a quiet place to talk. They can be nerve wracking, but don’t let it put you off. Speak clearly and answer any questions you’re being asked, and enjoy the experience.

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  1. Great interview, Melissa, well done!

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