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Share Sample StoriesIf you’re anything like me, you have a stash of small pieces of writing that has been done for workshops, challenges, or just for fun. Use these stories as part of your marketing plan.

I have an Author Site, and I’ve decided to share a story on the first of every month. For purposes of this blog series, I’ve back dated the first story! You can read it here. This was one I have previously published on this blog and I’ve edited it slightly.

One of my aims is to showcase a variety of stories. They are stories that may have been published elsewhere, for example on my blog, or may have been written as a fun exercise. I figure they may be used as promotion for my writing.

One thing I’ve been doing is writing some scenes from Swallow Me, NOW! from the point of view of other characters, including the bully. I’m planning to publish one or two of these and use them to directly promote this book.

When sharing sample stories, choose ones that will show off your writing and are appropriate to your audience. You may want to publish regular stories, I’ve chosen monthly, or just put them up as you have something new to publish.

Sharing stories can be a way to get content on your blog or website, as well as being full of keywords to help with search engines finding your site. As time goes on, you can also put them into an anthology with a few new stories and have them available as a book you can sell or use as a free ebook to promote your other books.

If you are planning to use any stories for other purposes, such as submitting to competitions, make sure that the guidelines don’t say the stories must be previously unpublished, as publishing on your website counts as publishing and will mean your story will be unable to enter the competition.

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