Weekly, monthly, or….?

How often...?

How often…?

If you’ve been following this blog a little while (at least since the start of the year), you’ll know I’m challenging my self to do more book marketing/growing my platform this year. (You can see what I’ve shared so far here.)

There are a number of promotion things on my list that would be regular things, such as sending a newsletter, or posting on my author website. One thing I’m trying to work out is how often to do these things.

When planning, I’m taking a number of things into consideration and thought I’d share them with you in case you are planning regular activities too:

  • Time – Life is busy, between work, kids, writing, editing, etc, there are many things to fit in a day. I’m looking at how much time I have to devote to regular marketing activities. Each one takes time and there’s no point in saying I’ll have a weekly newsletter if they only come out erratically because I’ve run out of time.
  • Something to say – doing regular marketing activities also means I need to have something to say. I haven’t sent out a newsletter for ages as I didn’t think I had any news to share (more about this in another post). There’s no point in saying I’ll do a weekly post on something if I’m likely to run out of things to write about.
  • Is it sustainable? – I need to know that if I say I’ll put out a regular whatever that I’ll be able to keep it going longer than the first one or two. This is part of the first two points, but also it needs to be something I can keep going.
  • Can I get help? – this also ties in with the above points. There may be a time when I need to get the help of a Virtual Assistant or someone else. If I need to do something regularly, it would be helpful if it’s something I can outsource when the time comes.

I’ve already decided that weekly won’t work for many things, but I’m working out that for some things, monthly or quarterly will work much better. There are also many ideas that are on the back burner until I can work out the best way to get them happening.

For those of who who send regular newsletters or do other regular book promotion, how do you decide how often to schedule these promotions?

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