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Get bookmarksOne of the first things I did when I published my first book was to get bookmarks printed. These have been a wonderful marketing tool for my book.

You can use your bookmark to promote you as an author, a particular book, or a book series. Depending on what you write, you can even use them to promote specific characters! Before you design your bookmark, decide what you are wanting to highlight.

Keep the design simple so you will be sure to get your message across, and include any websites so that people can find you after they have your bookmark.

Bookmarks can be used in a number of ways, including:

  • Put one in every book you sell – if you have more than one book, put a bookmark promoting the next book in the series or another book you’ve written as cross promotion
  • Leave a pile in a local cafe – many cafes let locals put business cards and flyers out for promotion. Add your business cards to the mix.
  • Use them for goodie bag inserts – find conferences and events where potential readers will be and include your bookmarks.
  • Carry them with you give to people you talk to – have a pile on hand at all times so you can hand them to people you talk to about your books.

There are other uses for bookmarks, can you add to this list?

Bookmarks are an inexpensive tool for authors to promote their books. Even if your books are only available as an eBook, they can still be useful to give away for book promotion.

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