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Get business cardsA few nights ago, we went out to dinner and got talking to a lady about my son’s cubing skills, and my writing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything with me to giver her so she could check out my blog and website!

Today, I sat down and purchased some business cards so this won’t happen again.

Most authors, myself included, have bookmarks, however they are not always practical to have with you all the time. One advantage of a business card is they can easily fit in card pockets in your wallet or purse, and there are purpose made business card holders if you want to keep a pile on hand.

I went to Vista Print and was happy to see they had a special offer. I chose a design that had a similar colour scheme to my blog and had books (see the pic to the right for the front). I have included the URL for my website and blog along with my phone number and email address on the front. On the back, I have included the URL for my Green Oaks Primary School series, and will add to it as I have more books published.

For this round, I have ordered 250 business cards. I’m hoping this will keep me going for a little while. I plan to have some in my sales box as well as carry them with me. There are also opportunities to leave them in local cafe’s and give them out to people I speak with.

Business cards can also be included with books sold, included in goodie bags (with a chocolate attached), passed on to parents of my kids who want my phone number, and any number of other things. In the future, I hope to give them out at conferences and networking events too. I would also like to get some custom designed business cards, but that is something for another day.

It’s going to take a couple of weeks to get them, but I can’t wait.

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