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Comment on blog postsIf you’re anything like me, you follow a lot of different authors and writing sites, as well as blogs to do with areas of interest, and you read a lot of blog posts.

One thing that I have been trying to do lately is to comment on more of these posts, especially when the blogger makes it easy to do so.

Many blogs don’t require commenters to log in or subscribe to comment, and they allow you to include your name and URL when you comment. I’ve found that I often get people clicking through to my site when I comment.

Adding your URL when you comment can help with your search engine rankings by providing backlinks to your site, as well as many bloggers visit the sites of their commenters.

When you comment, make sure the comment is relevant to the blog post. If you post a comment that says “Buy my book” or “Check out my website”, it is likely to be marked as spam and won’t be published on the site.

For best results, read and comment on blogs that are relevant to your books. This could include the sites of fellow authors as well as blogs on topics related to your books.

You never know where comments can lead…

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  1. Great post, Melissa! Comments should add something to the post or ask a relevant question (like I hope this comment does!)

    • That they should 🙂 You are more likely to get click through’s to your site when the comments add something.

  2. Sometimes too I think a comment can just be a show of support and let people know that they have readers who aren’t necessarily subscribers. I follow lots of blogs in Feedly and often a post resonates but I never thought to say until recently it occurred to me the person might like to know someone out there just enjoyed the post even if they didn’t have anything else to say. 🙂 I enjoyed this post!

    • Thanks Sandy, I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I know I love getting comments from readers, it helps to know my posts are useful to others rather than just relying on stats to show they are being read.

  3. Hi Melissa, A second round comment!!! Do you know about the 2016 Student Blogging Challenge? I signed up as a mentor and this week (#2) is about commenting, which reminded me of this post. You would make an excellent mentor. I think they are still looking for mentors if you are interested. There is a list on the website and some blogs still don’t have mentors. It’s a 10 week challenge and a mentor has to comment a minimum of three times on each blog throughout the period. I have 30 mentoree bloggers. It’s fun. I blogged about my week 1 experience here

    • Thanks Sandy, but I don’t think I qualify as I’m not a qualified educator and I’m not sure this blog would count as an educational blog… It looks like a great challenge 🙂

      • I’ve applied in case I do qualify 🙂

        • I’m not an educator either. My thinking is that people like you and I have solid experience with blogging and as authors we know how to engage with students. So when they are actively still looking for mentors – we’re the next best thing! PS I always read your blog. I often learn something I didn’t know or think of!

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