Be a Regular Guest Blogger

Regular Guest BloggerThis weeks marketing tip doesn’t take any money, it just takes a bit of time, and it could take a bit of hunting.

Sharing some of your expertise by being a regular guest blogger can help you to grow your author platform. Currently, I am a regular guest blogger for three different blogs. The frequency of the posts varies, but it’s a task I enjoy and can help to promote me as an author.

The blogs I regularly contribute to, I found through Facebook I’m a member of. It started when the blog owners did a call out looking for contributors and I replied. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I had anything to share, especially as I hadn’t published a book at the time, but I figured I’d give it a go. I’ve now been doing this for nearly 2 years.

Being a regular guest blogger is different to one off blogging. You can create a following outside your own platform with readers of that blog. It can also be a good alternative to having your own blog (if you don’t want to have your own) as you can share information regularly.

The blogs I contribute to are writing blogs, however you don’t have to stick to just writing blogs. You could also search for blogs on an area of expertise or topics you write about.

Each blog post usually has a bio at the end that says a bit about who you are and includes links to your books or website. This bio at the end will be the only promotion for your books, so be sure to have information in your post rather than just promotion for your work.

Being a regular guest blogger takes some work and commitment, but it can be a wonderful way to build your platform. While I haven’t found it directly sells books, I do get quite a bit of traffic to my blog and a number of newsletter subscriptions.

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