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Your Mobile ShopThis weeks marketing tip is something I blogged about last year, and is something that has brought me quite a few book sales, simply because I’ve had books on hand!

In my car, I have a plastic tub from KMart that contains copies of my books and everything I need to make sales. The purpose is to have books in my car at all times for those people who say “I would love a copy of your book, if you have one on hand! If I was taking books to a market, I would use something different (and have more books!), but that’s a topic for another post.

Inside, I have:

  • Copies of my books – this includes all anthologies as well as Swallow Me, NOW!. I adjust copies accordingly and make sure any new books are included.
  • A pen – for signing books and recording sales
  • A receipt book – for recording sales and providing receipts when requested (I also have Reckon One accounting software on my phone & iPad, but there are times it’s quicker to write the sales down)
  • Pencil case – this is to hold cash from sales. I’ve found a pencil case is the best for this purpose as it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the tub and keeps it all together. I keep a small amount of change in there, but not too much, mostly enough to change a $20 note.
  • Bookmarks – as well as including one with every book I sell, bookmarks are also useful to hand to people who are interested (more about this in a future post)
  • Paper bags – a few paper bags are helpful for people who would like one or who puchase multiple books
  • A calico book bag – this is useful if I need to carry around a few copies of my books in my hand bag. Usually this is empty, but I will fill it when needed with books, receipt book, pen and pencil case. When I’m done, it all goes back in the tub

When creating a mobile shop, consider the size of the boot of your car and get a tub that fits well and doesn’t take up too much space. One key of the shop is that you can carry it with you everywhere as you never know when you may need to have a copy of your book on hand.

This has been one of the best marketing tools I’ve had quite a few sales with books on hand.

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