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Update Your Author PageWhether you like it or not, Amazon is a huge retailer of books, and chances are your books are listed there. For many of us, our ebooks are available on Kindle.

If you haven’t already got an author page on Amazon, it’s a profile that brings all your books and information into one place on Amazon. You can add a photo, biography, have a feed from your blog and Twitter, and share other information for readers. You can set it up for free at https://authorcentral.amazon.com/

If you already have a page, check to make sure it’s all up to date. I spent a few minutes during the week making sure all my books were listed as I was published in a new anthology last year, checked my feeds were up to date, and tweaked my bio slightly.

When creating or updating your author page, things to check include:

  • Your bio is up to date – make sure it doesn’t say your next book is due in 2014 when it’s now 2016!
  • All your books are listed – include any books you are part of in any way including anthologies, illustrations, cover designer, etc.
  • Blog feeds are current – if you have a new blog, have changed URL or any other information to do with your blog feed, check these links are current
  • Twitter – if you have Twitter, link it to your author page so people can find you easily and keep up to date via your tweets
  • Events – if you have any dates for events such as book launches, author events, or any other events that are open to the public, add them here
  • Videos – you are able to upload videos to your author page. Check to make sure any videos are current and still relevant to your readers.

Author pages are an easy way to bring your books together on Amazon, and it’s worth checking it to keep it up to date. I’ve found that it’s a “Set and forget” marketing tool, and I aim to update it at least once a year, unless a new book has come out and needs to be added.

You can follow my page here – amazon.com/author/melissagijsbers


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