Getting off track?

Going off track, or finding my way?

Going off track, or finding my way?

I’ve been working on my first grown up novel. I have attempted them in the past, but haven’t got very far. So far, I’ve written over 30 parts that are 750+ words.

The last few days, I’ve been writing random chapters, some have an obvious place, and others don’t. Last night, I wrote a section that, on reflection, was a whole lot of waffle. It didn’t make the story go forward and sounded like I was writing it for the sake of writing!

There is a reason this is called a First Draft.

I have started writing my next draft, looking at what I’ve written so far, and tweaking it to make more sense and fit in details that have been decided later on in my writing. For example, in the first draft, I wrote that my main character was waiting for a proposal from her boyfriend, but later on I decided that she was happy having nothing to do with weddings. I have put this details into my revised first chapter.

My hope is that as I work through my early chapters, the later ones will fall into place, and I will get a better idea of what needs to come next. I have written the first few chapters, and they are already looking better than what I had originally – so I suppose I’m not so much going off track, just still finding my way with this story.

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