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Update Your WebsiteLast week, I took advantage of some quiet time to do something I haven’t done for a while – updating my author website!

I realised that I blog here regularly, however my website was out of date. I published an ebook back in July that hadn’t been added, as well as the latest Teapot Tales anthology. I have also added a few extra blog posts, including back dating a Christmas message!

My marketing tip for this week is to update your website.

Take some time to go through it and make a list of the things that need updating and then tick them off. Things to look for could include:

  • Make sure all your books are listed
  • Are all the details for books, including sales links, correct?
  • Are your contact details correct?
  • Is there anything else that has happened that needs mentioning on your site that are out of date?

As well as the information above, check over your home page to make sure it’s still fresh and relevant. For example, I had the link to Swallow Me, NOW! on the home page, and that hadn’t change since it was published over a year ago. I have now updated it to feature my ebook about blogging. I have it listed in my diary to make sure I change this regularly, either with new books or to simply highlight some of the other books I have published in the past. This is to keep the site fresh.

When was the last time you updated your author website?

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  1. Yep – good advice – did mine the other day 🙂

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