Stories take time…

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas – lessons

The last few days, I’ve been participating in Julie Hedlund’s 12 Days of Christmas for Writers program. The most recent challenge was to list some of our failures or disappointments in 2015. For each one, list the big fat judgement, then list the truth. Following on from that, today’s challenge was to turn the truth’s into lessons.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that stories take time.

They take time to write.

They take time to edit, and edit, and edit…

They take time to illustrate and format.

They take time to print and arrive.

They take time to sell.

They take time to promote.

They take time to read.

Stories take time.

There are no hard or fast rules on how long a story takes. To be honest, they take as long as they take.

As authors, we need to let them take as much time as they take, and not hurry them. By letting them take time, we will end up with a better story for our readers.

This is an important lesson to learn, and to re-learn as it’s easy to forget.

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