Take some Christmas photos of your books

Take Christmas Images of your BooksOne of the things I want to do in 2016 is more promotion for my books. This will help me grow my platform as well as help sell more books (obviously).

As life is busy, I want to try and do one little thing each week with the view that they will build on each other, and share what I’m doing and let you know how they went. I was planning to start this in 2016, however I came up with one idea I want to share with you before you take your Christmas tree down!

For a while, I’ve been wanting to promote my books, especially the anthologies, as Christmas gifts. I have also wanted to have Christmas images of my books for a Facebook banner and other social media images.

Here’s my marketing tip for this week (and something I will be doing when the Christmas excitement dies down), is to take some images of your books sitting in the Christmas tree, or surrounded by Christmas decoration before you pack them away. Take them in a number of different settings, angles, and both portrait and landscape so you have a few to choose from.

Some ideas include: (can do a mix of single or multiple books)

  • Books popping out of the top of Christmas stockings
  • Books sitting in the Christmas tree
  • Books being wrapped or unwrapped
  • Books surrounded by tinsel or other decorations

This way you will have Christmas images ready for next year for any promotions and this includes any “Christmas in July” promotions.

Images could include those for your Facebook cover and profile, blog posts, promotions on other sites who are running promotions, email newsletters, even postcards or bookmarks for offline promotions. Brainstorm some ideas so you can get images in different styles and orientations. Once you’ve taken them, download them from your camera or phone and save them ready to use when you are ready to plan your Christmas promotions next year.

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  1. Great ideas, thanks for the prompt, Melissa.

  2. Great idea, Melissa.

  3. This is a great idea! Thank you 🙂

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