Off to a good start… but…

Starting a new story

Starting a new story

My new story was on track, by Saturday, I had the first six chapters written and the story was going well. Over the weekend, I went on camp and came home on Sunday exhausted. Last night, when I went to write the next chapter, the story just didn’t seem to work…

Instead of letting this discourage me, I started playing with a new story! This one is completely different, aimed at adults and based on a flash fiction piece I wrote some time ago. Originally, I thought the flash fiction would be the start of the story, now it looks like it’ll be a few chapters in!

Sitting looking at the computer screen last night, I realised I was still really tired, and that is why I struggled to continue my previous story, but I didn’t want to have another night off writing. Instead of struggling to write one story, I simply wrote the next story that came to mind.

It’s not unusual for me to be working on more than one story, the challenge now is to get them finished!! Usually, I have two similar stories that I’m working on – both for kids. This time it’s a bit different as one is for kids and the other for adults… it will be interesting to see how this develops, and which one is finished first!

Oh, if you want to read the flash fiction piece that’s inspiring the novel, you can read it here.

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