New writing routine

Getting ready for writing

Getting ready for writing

My new story has been going well. In four days, I’ve written four chapters – that’s my goal, writing a chapter a day until it’s done.

I won’t lie – life is busy. It’s coming up to the end of the school year, and I have one child graduating from Primary School, so we have transition days and graduation ceremonies to attend. It’s also nearly Christmas and all that brings, as well as a 12th birthday party to plan. I’m also at my day job and being mum to two boys. Life is busy, but I have a book to write!

My writing routine this week looks a little like this.

We have dinner around 6pm and after dinner I go for a walk around the block. I’m trying to do 10,000 steps a day to keep fit and get some exercise, and this walk is around 2,000 steps! I’ve also found that walking and listening to my MP3 player is a great way to clear my head. Sometimes I think about the music, sometimes about what I’ll write later that evening, sometimes about other things that need to be done, and sometimes nothing at all. This walk is great preparation for the rest of the evening.

When I get back, it’s time to get the boys ready for bed. As they are 11 and 13, there isn’t a lot of I have to do, other than remind them to do their teeth, make sure they have a bath/shower, and put their clothes in the laundry basket. One boy goes to bed at 8pm, the other goes to bed at 8.30pm. Once the boys are in bed, then it’s time to get ready.

The first thing I do is put the kettle on and make a cup of tea. While I’m waiting for it to boil, I quickly review the previous chapter so I know where the story ended up for a logical continuation. Once my tea is made, it’s time to sit down and get writing.

In general, it takes me about half an hour to write a chapter that is a bit more than 750 words, especially when I’m on a roll. I’ve usually finished writing my chapter before 9.15 so I don’t have a late night.

When I’ve finished, I post an update on my Facebook page letting people know the chapter is done and giving a little insight to what I’ve written. It could be a comment or observation on the story. Something to make the status more interesting than just saying “Chapter is done for tonight”!

So far, this routine has been working well, even last night when I didn’t get my walk due to taking my 13 year old to Scouts – the thinking time was replaced by driving time, sitting alone in the car listening to music was helpful to clear my head.

What is your writing routine?

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