Cubing for CFS – Crowdfunding update

Cubing for CFS - update

Cubing for CFS – update

Welcome to the first Crowdfunding update for Cubing for CFS. The campaign has been going for just over a week, and is off to a slow start. There are still 20 days to go, so we can still get there.

To date we have 9 amazing supporters. A huge thank you to Julie, Leisl, Filbert, Karin, Nola, James, Damian, Greg, and Edbert for their support.

If you missed it, you can read the story that inspired Cubing for CFS here. Remember, that 10% of all money raised goes to Emerge Australia to help continue their work with ME/CFS.

Before I wrote this book, I discovered there were no books where a main character had CFS, at least, not a child, and there are no fiction books that feature cubing!! This could be a first in that cubing features heavily and the brother of our main character has CFS.

Another exciting thing has happened. Damian, aka Cubologist, has created a fantastic video letting his followers know about my book and this campaign. You can view his video below.

There is still time to support this campaign and pre-order your copy of Cubing for CFS here.

All the cubes offered as rewards will be purchased from – they have a great range of cubes. Also, one of the rewards includes a $20 voucher from there, so check them out so you can plan what you want to buy while waiting for the campaign to end.

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