Friday Five – Discovering new authors when you don’t have a book buying budget

Friday Five

Friday Five – Discover new authors

I love reading, and read as much as I can. This has lessened recently between working, kids, and life. I always have a book or two on the go. While I have my favourite authors (this changes fairly regularly), I do enjoy discovering new ones. As much as I’d love to spend hours in the local bookshop buying new books, I simply don’t have the money, especially for a book I may or may not enjoy.

Here are five ways I’ve discovered new favourite authors without breaking the bank. With all of these ideas, I have since purchased books at full price, or had them given to me as gifts.

  1. Go to the library – this is what they exist for, and the librarians are on hand to recommend books and authors when you want to find someone new. If you go regularly enough, the librarians will get to know you and have recommendations for you at their fingertips.
  2. Free books on Kindle – often authors will have free days on ebooks. Keep an eye out for these and download ones that catch your interest.
  3. Op Shops & book fairs – recently I picked up a number of books at my local op shop and the local school fete that I’ve really enjoyed. With Christmas coming, I’ve made sure to add those authors to my wish list. While these purchased don’t immediately support the authors, they do raise money for charity.
  4. Borrow from friends – if your friends have a similar taste in books to you, raid their bookshelves. If you borrow books that you enjoy, they will have a great idea what to give you the next time they need to buy a gift.
  5. Books on your wish list – Christmas is coming, along with other gift giving occasions such as birthdays, Mothers/Fathers Day, and Valentines Day. If someone is looking for suggestions, ask them to give you a copy of their favourite book, or a book by a new author they think you may enjoy.

As I said at the start, I have done all of these, and ended up discovering some great authors and have since bought their books for myself and as gifts for friends.

Do you have any ideas you could add to this list?

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  1. Great ideas, Melissa! I like that you mention how buying in ways where the money doesn’t immediately go to the author, the author still stands to benefit – I have bought books from a second hand shop or book fair and loved the author so much that I have gone on to buy all their books for myself and my friends! And requesting libraries stock the book you want does have a financial benefit for the author 🙂

    • I agree with you Debra. I’ve seen a few discussions lately from authors saying that buying books from op shops etc doesn’t benefit them as they don’t get royalties… hence my comment. I’ve also bought/requested books by authors I’ve discovered at op shops & second hand book fairs.

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