Friday Five – Supporting Crowdfunding campaigns

Friday Five

Friday Five – Support a crowdfunding campaign

If you haven’t heard the news already, I launched my latest crowdfunding campaign last night. I have a number of friends who have also used crowdfunding as a way to publish their books.

For me, crowdfunding is a way to get pre-sales of your book. Your friends, family and fans can order a book along with other great rewards.

If your favourite author is running a crowdfunding campaign to publish their next book, here are some ways you can support their campaign:

  1. Pledge – put your money where your mouth is and pledge your support by ordering a book. Have a good look through the various rewards and choose a level that appeals to you. With most platforms, you can pledge more money than the reward level.
  2. Share – help to spread the word by sharing the campaign with your contacts through your social media networks.
  3. Host – if you have a blog, you could host your favourite author to help promote their campaign. This is a great opportunity to share more about their book, why they are crowdfunding, and anything else about their book.
  4. Tell – if you enjoy books by this author, tell people about the campaign so they can pledge their support too. This is more than just sharing the link on Facebook, it’s also telling people in the real world about this new book that is coming.
  5. Encourage – a crowdfunding campaign can be a hard journey for the person running it. Encourage your favourite author by commenting on blog posts, liking and sharing updates, and offering messages of support to keep them going. A kind word can mean a lot, especially around the middle of a campaign!

Crowdfunding platforms can also be a good place to discover new authors. I know I’ve discovered a few.

You can support my campaign on Pozible here.

To discover some other great writing campaigns on Pozible, click here.

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