ABC – Day 32 – Time for some shout outs

Time for some shout outs

Time for some shout outs

Time for some shout-outs. This may mimic your acknowledgement page, but whom would you like to publicly thank for their help in creating your book or completing it to the point where it is presently?

With all the chapter books I write, the first shout out has to go to the Chapter Book Challenge. Without this challenge, I would still have a lot of half finished manuscripts sitting there without ever getting finished. The deadline of the challenge really pushes me to get the drafts finished.

For the next stage – editing. This shout out goes to Julieann at Lilly Pilly Publishing. Julieann works with my while I edit my manuscripts. I edit it first, then send it to her to work her magic. She looks at it with both the eye of an editor as well as a teacher. As these books are aimed at primary school age children, having the teachers eye is useful. Julieann also puts together the cover and does the layout and design for me.

Speaking of covers, the next shout out is to Cecilia Clark who created the image of Sam for the cover the Swallow Me, NOW!. She did a great job capturing the image I had in my head of Sam in her pink jacket.

To publish Swallow Me, NOW!, I ran a crowdfunding campaign. The next shout out goes to everyone who supported the campaign. The campaign is now closed, but you can see the campaign and the supporters here.

The next shout out is to all the other supporters including beta readers, members of writers groups I’m part of, family and friends who encouraged me, gave me feedback, kept me going, and asked when my next book is coming out!

Finally, a shout out to my two amazing boys. They are my first beta readers, often reading the very first draft chapter by chapter, they also read and critique future drafts, giving feedback as I go, helping with jobs around the house so I can keep writing and editing. My 13 year old also did some illustrations for Swallow Me, NOW!, and is working on illustrations for my next books too. They also tell people about my books and give me ideas for future stories. Many of the stories I have in my ideas book came about from something the kids did, or books they wish they were in existence.

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