ABC – Day 31 – Best advice

Best advice

Best advice

What is the single best piece of advice you’ve ever received about the publishing process and/or what advice would you offer to a first-time author?

Since reading this prompt, I’ve been thinking about the advice I received, and I can’t think of any standouts as the single best piece of advice I’ve received. There has been so much great advice, and some that doesn’t really work for me…

I can think of something I would like to pass on to a first-time author, and this may have been passed on to me  at some point:

When writing your first draft, don’t sweat the word count, just write the story you want/need to write

This has been great advice as I’ve found through the editing process, the word count can change significantly. Swallow Me, NOW! had a first draft around 10,000 words, it ended up being over 14,000!

I see a lot of new authors worry about their word counts when they write their first draft. It’s either too short or too long. The only time to worry about word counts is if you are doing a challenge such as NaNoWriMo, then keep track so you can win the challenge. Otherwise, just write the story you need to and worry about the word count later.

Before you howl me down, I know there are publishers who want a certain word count. In your first draft, that doesn’t matter so much as it won’t be the draft you will be submitting to publishers, or publishing yourself. As you go through the editing process, your word count will change.

I’ve found that the story comes much easier if I’m not spending most of my time worrying about the word count.

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