ABC – Day 30 – Movie of my book

When Hollywood calls...

When Hollywood calls…

If a Hollywood agent were to come knocking on your door with an offer to turn your book into a movie and told you that you could call all the shots, who would you have direct and star in it? Write the first paragraph of a glowing Rotten Tomatoes review of your film.

To be honest, if a Hollywood agent came knocking I would be completely surprised…. I would prefer someone from the Australian Children’s Television Foundation come knocking and offer to turn my Green Oaks Primary School books into a TV series.

For staring in the series, I love the kids who are in Little Lunch. This is a series based on books by Danny Katz and is really well made. I enjoy watching it with my kids – a sign of a good kids TV show.

If you haven’t heard of it before, check out this trailer:

I don’t think Rotton Tomatoes review kids TV shows… Although a review could be something like:

The Green Oaks Primary School series is a much watch for primary school students. It covers a variety of issues that impact students including bullying, fitting in, organising fundraisers, learning new skills, and being true to yourself. Based on the books by Melbourne-based author, Melissa Gijsbers, they are entertaining as well as educational.

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