ABC – Day 29 – Perfect Partner

Perfect partner?

Perfect partner?

Who would be the perfect person/company to partner with to sell your book? It might be another author, a performer, a shop owner, a seminar facilitator, a teacher, etc. Pretty much, the answer to this question is limited only by your imagination. How will you reach out to that person/company? What’s the hook for your pitch?

I would love to get Swallow Me, NOW! into schools as I know it will help kids who are being bullied. That is the hook for my pitch – a book to help kids who are being bullied, especially those who are facing bullying by exclusion.

I’m slowly getting there as there were people who purchased a second copy to donate to a school during my crowdfunding campaign anda distributor who promotes books into Christian schools has it in their catalogue and I know it’s starting to get into schools that way because friends have let me know!

In a notebook, I have a list of ideas to promote my book to schools, this takes time and money. I’m slowly chipping away at this list and hoping to do more next year. Term 4 has started here in Australia, so things will be starting to wind down a bit.

I am also aiming to publish the second book in the Green Oaks Primary School series in early 2016, so I will have two books to tell them about, rather than one. I’m not sure if that will make any difference or not…

I really want to get my book into schools and libraries. I’m slowly getting there.

For other books I’m working on, there are different perfect partners as they have different readers in mind.

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    Your crowdfunding idea is great. I’ve been working on getting a kickstarter campagin going since the beginning of summer. Hope I’ll achieve my goal this month. Well, this week!
    You’ll get it there!

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