ABC – Day 26 – Selling Books

School markets & fairs

School markets & fairs

What would be the ideal NON-bookstore venue for selling your book? Why? What is your plan to reach out to such a venue to ask about having them carry your book?

I have a few different venue’s on my wish list, but one at the top of the list is selling them at school markets and fairs. I see signs up all around my local area, and some welcome stall holders.

The main reason I want to have a stall at school fairs is that I write books for primary school age children, and what better way to get them in front of kids and parents than being at their school events. This has the added bonus of supporting the schools in their fundraisers.

Currently, I only have one book available along with stories in a few anthologies, so my plan is to team up with another author or two who have a similar market so we can share the stall and offer more books as well as having a “partner in crime” to share the stall so we can have breaks from the stall to explore as well as have someone else to talk to if things are quiet and share the work when things get busy.

Joining forces with another author means that we can also get to more schools – in my local area and theirs.

In order to make this happen, I need:

  • Replenish my stock of books – I realised the other day that I’m getting low!
  • A reliable calendar – so I can record when these markets are happening so I can get there and it doesn’t clash with kids activities
  • Keep an eye on the local paper for any markets that are looking for stall holders
  • Start ringing places and booking them in

My plan is to start doing this next year. I should have a second and third book coming out then too, so I’ll have more books to offer.s

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  1. I never thought of school fairs, Melissa, what a great idea especially for books fro children šŸ™‚

    • Glad I could give you an idea šŸ™‚ If I wrote picture books, I would add kindergartens and childcare centre fairs to my list… they are where parents go and will often buy things to support the stall holders that support their communities.

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