ABC – Day 23 – Meeting a character or reader

Nepalese food entree - eating with a character

Nepalese food entree – eating with a character

If you could meet one of your main characters or ideal reader anywhere in the world for coffee, drinks, dinner, or a caramel (tipping my hat to Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting), who would it be, where would you meet them, and why?

This one was pretty easy. I would love to share a Dahl Baht (Nepalese food) with Sam from Swallow Me, NOW!. The ideal place would be back in Nepal, but I would be happy to go to my favourite Nepalese restaurant. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having Nepalese food with anyone, any time!

I would like to meet with Sam and talk through our joint experiences and reassure her that she is not alone in wanting to fit in, and feeling that she never will. I want to let her know that one day she will find her place, it may take a bit longer than she thinks, and that that’s OK. I want to tell her to hang in there.

I suppose this is the message I was wanting to get through in the story to any kid who had been bullied – hang in there, things will get better. Plus I love Nepalese food (it also helps that the main character spent time in Nepal so it ties in there too).

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  1. Looks Yummo, Melissa!
    What are the main foods eaten in Nepal?

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