ABC – Day 22 – Blurb for my book

Blurb for my books...

Blurb for my books…

If you could ask anyone in the world to write a blurb for your book, who would it be? Why that person/people? How did/will you go about reaching them? Yes – really!

Swallow Me, NOW! has already been published, and I couldn’t think of anyone to write a blurb for this book, so I turned my attention to one of the books I’m currently working on.

Cubing for CFS is based on a fundraiser my 13 year old did earlier in the year to raise money and awareness about Chronic Fatigue. All money went to Emerge Australia. He solved the cube 65 times in half an hour and raised over $200!

For Cubing for CFS, I can think of two people I would like to write a blurb for me.

The first is someone involved with Chronic Fatigue. It could be someone like my 11 year olds doctor or the head of Emerge Australia. They could talk about CFS and how it impacts on the life of a young person who has it as well as their family. As I already have contact with these people, it’s just a matter of asking them.

The second is Feliks Zemdegs. He is an Australian speedcuber and World Record holder. As this book involves solving a cube in as many times as possible in half an hour, it would be great to have someone like him on board.

For contacting Felix, it turns out that a friend of a friend knows him! Talk about six degrees of separation. I have also been speaking with people who run cubing competitions. They may also be able to put us in touch. When I’m ready, I’ll be asking around, then send him a draft of the book and invite him to write something for me. Having him on board would be amazing!

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  1. Great ideas, both! Melissa, good luck with the contacts. I’ll bet they’d both say yes, for your cause is worthy and not well known!

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