ChaBooCha Lite – Wrap Up

Inspiration for the two books I'm currently editing

Inspiration for the two books I’m currently editing

It’s October 1, and that means ChaBooCha Lite is over for another year.

For this challenge, I decided to use it for editing. I am currently working on two new stories for the Green Oaks Primary School series and needed to get it done.

When I started, my goals were:

  • Edit my football themed story
  • Edit my Rubik’s Cube story
  • If time, write a new story

While the new story didn’t happen, I did get both my stories edited and sent to my editor. She got the edits of both of these back to me and I’m half way through the next round on both books.

I now have to finish editing these books, and get a crowdfunding campaign organised ready for publication. I can’t wait to share these two stories with you. My 13 year old is already planning the book launch for the cubing one!!

I have also had fun participating in the Author Blog Challenge. A lot of these posts are to do with Swallow Me, NOW!, and it’s been fun reflecting on the journey. It’s almost a year to the day since it was published, and I’ll be celebrating with a free eBook promotion this weekend, but more about that later.

If you were participating in the Chapter Book Challenge in September, how did you go?

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