ABC – Day 18 – Music

Music in your book

Music in your book

If there were one song that captured the meaning, spirit, message, energy, and or substance of your book, what would it be? How can you use that song or piece of music to market your book or enhance your readers’ experience with your book?

I can’t think of a specific song that captures the essence of Swallow Me, NOW!. However, there are a few songs that have strong messages about bullying that makes me think of this story whenever I hear them. If you have the time, listen to the songs, especially the lyrics (the music is good too).

  • Cool Kids by Echosmith

In Swallow Me, NOW!, Sam wants to fit in with the other kids. Felicity and her friends make up the group of popular girls that Sam meets on her first day and she thinks they’re cool. Be sure to listen to the lyrics of the verses and not just the chorus. It’s a powerful song.

  • Caught in the Crowd by Kate Miller-Heidke

This is another powerful song about bullying. While Swallow Me, NOW! doesn’t look at the bystanders in great detail, this song is all about someone who is involved in a bullying situation almost by accident and looking back on her life and regretting it. I would love to explore the stories of Felicity’s friends and how they feel about being friends with a bully. One day…

These are the two main songs that come to mind. They both have a powerful message for young people.

I haven’t used them for marketing my book, other than sharing the videos on my Facebook page when talking about the book around launch time, but I would like some ideas about how I can use them in the future.

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  1. Great songs that I didn’t know about!

  2. Bill Soroka says:

    Sounds like an amazing book! Thanks for the intro to two artists I had not heard of before!

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