ABC – Day 15 – Book cover

Book cover design

Book cover design

Describe your process for choosing and designing your book cover. Who created your cover? How did you find him/her? What do you love about your cover? What might you do differently next time?

When looking at covers for Swallow Me, NOW!, I first headed to the library to look at the covers for other books aimed at a similar age group. I figured those books would give me inspiration and I wanted my book to be able to stand up beside them. As I knew this was the first book in a series, I also wanted something that would set the template for future books.

Inspiration in place, I contacted a friend, Cecilia Clark, to create Sam for me. I described her uniform, pink jacket, and braids to her as well as sent her an early draft of my manuscript to help her in the process.

While this was happening, I worked with my publisher, Lilly Pilly Publishing, to create a logo for Green Oaks Primary School. Again, I knew this book was the first in the series about the school, so wanted a logo that would tie the books together.

Once we had Sam, and the logo, it was up to my publisher to put it all together. Julieann sent me a number of different options to choose from. Different backgrounds, font for the title, placement of the logo and Sam. I chose the elements I liked best and she put it all together for me. The result is what you see.

I know I could have done something myself, however I don’t have the design skills. I knew that if I wanted something that would stand up with the other books in the library/book shop, I needed someone else to do it for me.

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    I love your cover and the title of the book as well. It looks so inviting! If I were a kid, I’d run to pick it up! Nice job!

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