ABC – Day 10 – Research and outlining

Research & outlining

Research & outlining

Describe your process for researching and outlining your book. What do you do to stay organized? Do you use a software like Scrivener? Index cards? Sticky notes? Giant posterboards taped to the wall?

I must admit that I have different processes depending on what I’m working on.

Some stories just write themselves with next to no research or outlining. These are usually flash fiction pieces and will usually stay that way.

Some write themselves with a vague idea of where they are going to go. I may do some research during the editing process to flesh out parts of the story, or they may just need some editing.

There are others that need more research, though through researching I keep discovering new and interesting things and I’m not sure if those books will ever get written. The research is so much fun!

When I’m working on a new chapter book, I use the site as it means I can write a new chapter just about anywhere I have an Internet connection. I have a vague outline ready, essentially I know the beginning and the end. I also know the rough length of the book in the number of chapters and the length of each chapter (750 words).

I do have sticky notes on a whiteboard for a non-fiction book I’m writing…. but that has fallen by the wayside a bit while I’m writing chapter books.


Check out Merlene Fawdry’s blog. She has written a number of books including her autobiography, poetry, and novels.

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