ABC – Day 6 – Writing process

Writing process

Writing process

Take us through your writing process. Do you keep a regular writing schedule? Do you write on your laptop or longhand? Do you have a favorite place to write? Are you most inspired in the morning, afternoon, evening, or middle of the night?

My writing process is a bit all over the place. I don’t keep a regular writing schedule… I used to write during my lunch break, however when my son got ill, I had to go home at lunchtime, so that doesn’t work as well as it used to… This month, I started writing during Dr Who, which is basically the hour between my two boys going to bed. Most days that has been working.

Where possible, I write on my laptop or the desktop at work. When I’m working on a book, I use the site and aim to write a chapter a day, and each chapter is at least 750 words long. I find this useful as I can write at home or during my lunch break at work (when I’m able to).

When I don’t have a computer to write on, I still write long hand. I do like to write long hand when I’m doing writing exercises at writers group. Sometimes, writing longhand is helpful when I have writers block as a change of scenery/medium often helps to clear the block.

My inspiration often comes in the shower, or when I’m driving, or any time I can’t write things down!! There doesn’t seem to be a particular time of day, though I know that when I’m exhausted and overwhelmed, no time is good. This is when I need to take a complete break from writing and just rest and take care of myself.


I’ve been a bit slack with sharing some of the other participants in the challenge… check out Ashley Howland’s blog. She’s a fellow crazy as she’s doing the Chapter Book Challenge this month too, along with this blog challenge!

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  1. Great read! I agree that writing long hand really does help clear the mind a bit and help get me in flow, or the groove.

  2. I liked today’s topic and like you, I find my inspiration when I’m in the shower, or running, just after I go to bed, most times. I’m going to check out the I think I’ve heard of that.s It’s a good goal, and I need to do that an a consistent basis. I do try to write about 500 words per day but not all of it is on my books. I spend a lot of it with my blog.
    Thanks for sharing your process!

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