ABC – Day 4 – Writing Role Models

Writing role models

Writing role models

Who are your writing role models? Whose writing has most influenced you? Who are your writing mentors?

I have always been encouraged to write, though not always overtly. My English teachers always encouraged me and helped my writing improve. My parents also encouraged me, especially when I was in high school, taking me to writing workshops and helping me enter awards.

I have also always read a wide range of authors, and many have influenced me.

One of my biggest memories is going to a workshop with John Marsden. His book, Tomorrow When The War Began, inspired a play that I wrote and won an award for (I would like to turn this play into a book one day).

I can remember being in awe of anyone who had had books published, then I started meeting some of them including Isabel Allende at the Melbourne Writers Festival, Julie Hedlund online, and Adam Wallace over coffee via the Chapter Book Challenge. I found that they were all just like me – people with a story to tell. They were all further along their journeys and were generous in helping a start up author.

Most recently, I find that many of the writers in the writing groups I’m part of are great mentors. They provide encouragement and feedback to help me in my own writing, and I hope I’m providing the same to them too.


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  1. Writer’s Festivals are a great place – the best place – to meet other writers.

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