Friday Five – Blogging during a challenge #ChaBooCha #NaNoWriMo

Friday Five

Friday Five – Blogging during a challenge

I’m currently doing ChaBooChaLite, which means I’m in the middle of editing/writing a new book. There are many other challenges around, including NaNoWriMo, to help authors get those drafts written.

If you have a blog too, how do you keep it going while you’re in the middle of a challenge? Here are five tips to help you. These tips also apply if you’re taking some time away to finish a draft or get your book ready for publication.

  1. Schedule posts – if you’re organised, sit down before the challenge and schedule posts to be published during the following month.
  2. Less frequently – if you normally blog daily, during the challenge, you may want to reduce your frequency to once a week or every couple of weeks.
  3. Guest posts – if you don’t think you can keep up your blogging, invite some of your author friends to submit guest posts to be published during the challenge.
  4. Different style – depending on how you normally blog, you may want to try a different style of post, such as a list post (like this one) or a picture post.
  5. Blog your progress – often  during challenges, my posts consist of a weekly update to how I’m going. This helps keep me on track as well as sharing with my blog readers the progress of the challenge. When your book is published, you can point your readers back to your work in progress posts so they can read the book of the journey they were following.

Do you have any tips that can be added to this list? Please share them in the comments.

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  1. Great tips, Melissa. It does get hard to maintain commitment to blogging when you have other projects cropping up. I am in the process of creating an editorial calendar where I plan my blog posts ahead. I use Google calendars because I like the layout and it sends the reminders to my phone. I’ve only been using it a week but it’s really helped remove the “Oh, what should I post today?” issue I was facing everyday!

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