What has Dr Who got to do with editing? #ChaBooCha



Yesterday was the start of ChaBooCha Lite. For those who are new to my blog, ChaBooCha stands for Chapter Book Challenge, a challenge in March where we write the first draft of a children’s novel in a month. ChaBooCha Lite is held in September and is a cut down version, though we still try to write or edit a draft in a month.

My goal is to edit two manuscripts and possibly write a new story. I’m aiming to have a crowdfunding campaign for the two manuscripts I’m editing in October, so I have to get my editing hat on, and this challenge is a great way to make sure it gets done.

I’ve been trying to find ways to keep motivated and make sure I have time in my day to achieve this goal. I was looking at what happens and took inspiration from my 11 year old.

My son is currently being homeschooled, and one of his assignments is to spend 45 minutes a day writing a story (keep your eyes out, as it’s turning into a novel!). I thought I would do something similar with my editing. But how was I to get that time every day?

Dr Who to the rescue!

I have a 13 year old who loves to watch Dr Who and who watches it every night before bed (it’s currently on TV). Each episode is around 45 minutes long! My 11 year old goes to bed as it starts and my 13 year old goes to bed when it ends.

My aim is to spend the 45 minutes of Dr Who editing each night. I did this last night and found it was great. I had my task finished before 8:30pm, so I wasn’t having a late night. I knew there was a time limit and that helped with the motivation. The house is quiet without interruptions from kids as one is in bed and the other is watching Dr Who.

Last night, I was able to edit three chapters during Dr Who, I also did more during my lunch break, so it was a productive day. I’m actually looking forward to Dr Who being on tonight so I can get my editing hat on once more.

What strategies do you employ to get your writing and editing done?

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  1. Maria Marshall says:

    Melissa, I admire your ability to work while Dr Who is on. There is NO way I would be able to do that. it is too addictive. Good luck.

    • It does help that I’ve seen these episodes recently. They are replaying Peter Capaldi’s first season in anticipation for the second šŸ™‚

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