Friday Five – Book week blog posts

Friday Five

Friday Five – Book Week blog posts

This week is Book Week. It’s a celebration of all things books and reading, and a great way for authors to raise the profile of their books.

Many authors will be doing workshops and author visits at schools, as well as having their own book week celebrations.

For any author with a blog, this is a good time to schedule some book week blog posts. Here are five ideas for posts for your website:

  1. Book Week Costumes – most schools have a book week parade where children, teachers, and sometimes parents dress up as their favourite book character. Include a post with ideas of how fans can dress as their favourite characters from your books. You can also invite your fans to share pictures of their dress ups and use them in a blog post.
  2. Book Week Activities – Many parents, teachers and librarians are looking for fun activities to do with books. Help make their lives easier by sharing activities they can use in their own book week celebrations.
  3. Book Week Appearances – are you going to be running a workshop or visiting a school during book week? Share where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing.
  4. Your own costumes – have you been dressing up for book week? In a blog post, share your costumes, how you made them, and why you chose these characters to dress as.
  5. Book week giveaway/promotion – part of book week is to encourage reading. As part of your own book week celebrations, you could host a giveaway or promotion of your own books, or join forces with some other authors to promote books and reading. Let your readers know about your promotion in a blog post.

I’m sure you can add to this list of blog posts. Please share your ideas in the comments below. How have you celebrated Book Week this year?

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