Book Week at the Royal Children’s Hospital

A waste of kids books??

A waste of kids books??

This year, the first time since my kids started school, there have been no book week dress ups to do. This is because my older son is in high school and my younger son is currently homeschooled. Book week nearly passed us by completely. If it wasn’t for all the book week posts on Facebook, I may have missed it altogether… that’s until we turned up at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne for a check up for Mr Z.

On arrival, we saw a couple of tables set up, covered in pages from children’s books. There were some books on display, and it was those that caught our attention. We were invited to sit down and the theme of Book Week was explained. This year, the theme is Books light up my life.

Mr Z joined in the activity, cutting out a circle in a paper bag and sticking in a picture of one of the Wild Things from Where the Wild Things Are.

The finished product

The finished product

When it was done, he put a battery operated candle inside. It was a simple activity, but a lot of fun. There were also some books they were giving away to the kids, so we picked up a few.

I spoke with some of the staff running the activities, and they were telling me about some of the other activities they had, such as staff dressing up as book characters and authors running workshops with some of the kids.

While we didn’t have all the fun of Book Week parades and the other fun at school, it was great having a small taste of book week.

The book lantern is now in pride of place on Mr Z’s bedside table.

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  1. How gorgeous! It’s heartwarming to know that they entered into the spirit of book week too!

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