Do you have a network?


Do you have a network?

Writing can be a solitary pursuit. We spend many hours alone at the keyboard or writing in a notebook, editing, and doing what we need to so we can get our books written and ready for publication. It seems the perfect job for an introvert who doesn’t want to deal with people very much….

But here’s the catch, we still need a network.

Networking is important in small business, but not one that is discussed as much in writing circles. There are business networks that meet regularly so small business owners can connect, share their experiences, get referrals, and generally help them grow their businesses. They have workshops and conferences and organisations they can join.

Networking is also important for writers, and there are networks that exist to support us. We can connect with other writers, share our experiences, get referrals, and generally help us in our craft as well as sell books. They also have workshops and conferences and organisations we can join.

How do we find ones that will suit us? It takes a bit of research.

There are networks, both online and offline, for all sorts of different types of writers – bloggers, kidlit authors, illustrators, romance writers, and so on. There are also general networks for writers, often connecting around a specific geographical area. Do some research and find the groups that suit you.

Currently, I’m a member of a number of networks on Facebook. This suits me well at the moment as I have a day job as well as writing, so I can network online when I have a spare few minutes. I was a member of some offline groups, however I found that I was unable to attend their events, so they didn’t really suit me. I’m hoping to join again when life settles down. I am also a member of my local writers group run by my local library.

Having a network can help encourage you when you’re feeling low, provide advice when you’re stuck, celebrate your wins and commiserate your losses, buy and recommend your books, give you book ideas when you need a gift or something to read, help push you outside your comfort zone, hold your hand when you feel like giving up, provide feedback on your writing, give you tips for marketing, and so much more.

Do you have a network of writers who support you in your writing journey? I do, and while I haven’t met most of them in person, they are an amazing support for my own writing journey, and I have discovered some fantastic books in the process – it’s a win win.

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