Friday Five – Reasons to carry bookmarks with you at all times

Friday Five – Goodie Bag Fillers

Friday Five –Always have bookmarks with you

When I published my book, I got bookmarks printed so I could send one with every book, as well as use them for promotion. I can’t remember whether it was deliberate or not, but the bookmarks are single sided.

Recently, I’ve found that having bookmarks with me at all times brings up some great opportunities to spread the word about my books.

Here are five reasons I’ve found to carry bookmarks with me at all times:

  1. Giving to people when you talk about your book – this one may seem obvious, but having bookmarks means you have something to give to people when you tell them about your book. If you have included your website on your bookmark, then people will be able to follow it up.
  2. Leave in the local cafe – the cafe near work has a space where locals can put postcards and brochures. I’ve been putting some of my bookmarks there. Having some with me, means I can easily replenish if I see they’ve all been taken.
  3. Use to give other information – the other day, I was telling someone about my son’s blog. I wrote the URL on the back of one of bookmarks to give to them. You never know who will see the front and look up your book.
  4. Use as a bookmark – there have been days when I purchase a new book or borrow one from the library and want to start reading right away. Instead of using a scrap of paper as a bookmark, I know I always have one on hand.
  5. Take your own notes – there have been a number of times when I find myself without paper, the back of a bookmark can do the job, however I try to make sure I have a note book with me so I have bookmarks to give away for promotion.

As much as I try and have bookmarks with me at all times, there are still times I get caught out, usually when I’ve run out and haven’t had a chance to replenish my supply.

Do you have bookmarks to promote your books? Do you carry some with you ready to hand out? Do you have anything to add to this list?

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