Keeping your book dry!

Keeping Your Book Dry!The week I started sending copies of Swallow Me, NOW! to those who had ordered copies through my crowdfunding campaign, it was raining heavily. I had bought cardboard envelopes from Australia Post in bulk and was worried that my books would get ruined with the wet weather.

I went searching for a way to keep my books dry. I know as a recipient of books how annoying it is to get a soggy book in my letterbox, so this was important.Mailin

When looking for a solution, I kept the following in mind:

  • It had to be light – postage is calculated on both the weight of the package as well as the size, so I needed something that wouldn’t add to the bulk of the package
  • It had to be easy to pack – I had over 80 books to send, so it had to be easy to pack, especially as my kids had volunteered to help
  • It had to be easy to open – I needed an option that would be easy for the recipient of the book to open. I had visions of people trying to open books the way my kids struggle with Chupa Chups. I didn’t want that…
  • It had to be cheap – ideally it was something I already had around the house, or was cheap to buy

I looked at different options, including wrapping them in cling wrap. Cling wrap was tricky to wrap the books in as it wouldn’t behave. I settled on plastic sandwich bags.

I had a packet in the drawer that had been there for a while. They ended up being the right size – I put one bag on the bottom, another on the top and then used a bit of sticky tape on each side to hold them together. I now use some coloured dots to keep the bags together.

The books were now safe from the rain and the sandwich bags didn’t add any bulk to the package. They were also big enough to hold bookmarks, receipts, and any other small items I need or want to include in the package. They can also fit two books comfortably, three books with some difficulty.

I’m still investigating other options, but for now, my trusty sandwich bags have moved from the kitchen drawer to my book cupboard, ready to be pulled out when I have books to send to their new home.

What do you to do to keep your books dry when you send them? I’m looking for new ideas.

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