Gift packs of your books

Create a Book Gift PackOften I look in book shops and see box sets of kids books with a picture book and a soft toy of the main character. For most of us, gift sets like this aren’t practical, however, we can come up with our own gift packs for special occasions, or for sale at all times.

The first gift pack I created was for the crowdfunding campaign for Swallow Me, NOW!

The book ends with the main character receiving a gift of a notebook, and hot chocolate features quite a bit. I made up a pack with a note book, pen and sachet of hot chocolate. I wrapped them in clear cellophane and tied it with ribbons. The ribbons I used were from the balloons we had at the book launch.

I am planning to do something similar later in the year to celebrate the first birthday of Swallow Me, NOW! and have a limited number available when I do markets and other events.

Gift packs can make it easy for people who want to purchase a special gift for someone, they are also easy to create.

Unless you are able to create some items especially for your book, find one or two things related to your book that you can purchase that won’t add too much to the cost of your book. Keep your ideal reader in mind when you are creating your gift pack and choose items that will appeal to them, and don’t forget to include a copy of your book too…

Once you have your items, find a way to present your gift pack. It could be wrapping in cellophane, putting items in a gift bag, or even in a gift box. Your presentation will also depend on how you will be selling them. If you are selling them at a market, you may want to put your items in something see through so that customers can easily see what is inside. If you are selling them online, you may have gift wrapping as an option if your customers are buying them as a gift.

When selling your gift packs, make sure you factor in the cost of the additional items so you don’t lose money on selling your gift packs.

As well as making sales, you can also use gift packs for prizes if you are donating to a fundraiser or running a promotion on your own website.

Gift packs can be something special to boost sales, as well be a promotional tool for your book.

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  1. Wow! What a great idea. It’s not hard to create something special by just using your imagination. I just wonder if I could wrap a snake with Clarence the Snake from Dunolly?? 😉 Hmmm… might not go down too well.

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