Friday Five – Book Launch Invites

Friday Five

Friday Five –Book launch invites

A book launch is pretty boring if no one comes, you need to invite people. How do you get people to come? You need to invite them…

For many people,they simply invite family and friends, however they are a great opportunity to invite people who are already your fans, and spread the word to people who aren’t your fans….. yet.

Here are five ways you can invite people to your book launch.

  1. Postcard or flyer – create a post card or flyer you can give to people you know, including family and friends. If your book launch is open to the public see if you can leave it in your local cafe, or anywhere else people are likely to pick it up.
  2. Email Invitation – if you have an email list, send an email to invite your subscribers to the launch. For those who are not local, include a way they can get involved, such as pre-ordering your book to send them after the launch and maybe offer a prize or some free downloads of activities you have at the launch.
  3. Facebook Event – creating a Facebook event is easy and free. Use this to invite your Facebook contacts and encourage them to invite their friends also.
  4. Poster at the venue – if you are having your launch at your local library, a bookshop, or other public venue, put up a poster to promote your launch. Don’t forget to ask if they are happy to have postcards or flyers available too.
  5. Local newspaper – your local newspaper may have a “What’s On” section. Send them an email to see if you your launch can be included. Also send through a media release announcing your new book and include the details of the book launch. This may result in an article in the paper in the lead up to your launch.

There are other ways you can invite people to your launch. Can you add to this list?

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